Aerial photography & video with drone in Puerto Vallarta

Drone photography allows overall view of a place in its environment

Particularly apreciated to capture real estate properties from the air, aerial photography is becoming more and more popular for its great image appeal. Shots from the sky can also place a location in its global environment and also gives a neat and clean aspect that you can only get from a far distance. Our material is able to reach 500 meters high and allows us to take photography from a totally new perspective.

Fotografo Profesional Puerto Vallarta Mexico-2

Flying a drone is not easy

Piloting a drone is definitely not an easy task and it takes much practice to perform a good flight and to really be able to enjoy this new technology. Using the right speed at the right altitude while manoeuvring the camera can be pretty tricky and even stressful, when your little device is so high you can’t even see it. Once the learning step is over though, it turns out to be a really enjoyable machine, allowing us to explore new horizons.

Aerial photography for Real Estate

Our last contract was last week at Casa la Playa, a superb beachfront modern mansion right in Puerto Vallarta downtown. Enchanted by the pictures we provided, the manager decided to also renew the interior and exterior photography of the villa in order to really transform its online presence. More work on this project to come…

Aerial photography for hotel industry

Drone photography also work really well for the hotel industry as it is a good way for a potential client to picture the swimming pool size or hotel’s proximity to the beach. See more photos of that session in that article.

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Aerial video in 4K quality

Another cool thing about our drone is that it can also film in today’s highest quality: the 4K. It offers really interesting perspectives whether it is to capture a house in its environment for a real estate sale or pretty much anything from above. This following video was produced by us to promote Puerto Vallarta internationally. It reached over 250,000 people on Facebook without spending a dime on advertising. As of this day, it has been reproduced over than 88,000 times, been liked 986 times and shared 2,655 times.

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