Complete guide to generate more traffic to your hotel website

Today, 57% of all hotel reservations are made online. It is by far the number 1 channel to get more sales so it is crucial to understand how search engines works and how they can help you get more traffic.

Find the right keywords

First step is to think like one of your potencial client. How would they look for you? What keywords do they use to find the services you can provide? Taking the time of really thinking about it can be very helpfull as it can help you find niche market with very low-competition.

Configurate your website to be SEO-friendly

Being SEO friendly is not the most determinant factor for a search engine but it will definitely help to understand the meaning of your article, page or website. In order to be SEO-friendly, you need to take care of a few things:

Optimize the content

The article you want to rank on Google for a particular keyword needs the following element:

  • The keywords need to appear in your h1, h2, h3, …
  • Your content needs to be rich and interesting – 500 to 1,500 words are recommended
  • Photography and infography that ilustrates your article with the alt attribute
  • Meta title, keywords and description

Watch the code

A website needs to be programmed for a fast access as a long loading time can tear down your marketing efforts. You can check your page speed with that Google Speed Tool.

Create a blog

If you haven’t yet, Creating a blog allows you to give relevant content to your potencial clients. Good topics to talk about can be about the city, the biodiversity, local festivities, etc and must answer 2 mejor rules to rank high:

  • Give the reader what is looking for
  • Try to cover all the topic’s angles to be refered as an expert by Google
  • Include links to content that are related to the topic

Increase your Domain Authority

Your article content isn’t the only factor Google will take into account when positioning your blog post or page. For 2 equivalent articles, Google will rank higher the one that has the most backlings to its domain. You can check your domain authority and backlinks. Most eficient way to increase your DA is by creating backlinks. If you have some great content you wish to share, we invite you publish an article on our blog.

Using Social Medias

Social medias are a fast and effective way to connect to your clients. Same as the blog, the more interesting your content, higher probability to be share, commented and liked and therefore to reach a higher number of people. Social medias are also great for brand-positioning and doing advertising. If you have a current promotion, they are a great place to advertise a great infography.


Adwords is the paid version of SEO. You pay to be found on certain keywords. If you have the budget to do it, go ahead as it will generate you some targetted traffic. Take the time to do read some guides in order for your campaigns to be effective and cost-productive.

There are many things to take care to generate traffic to a website and it can be a rather long process so don’t get discouraged, it takes time. If you already have some traffic but it isn’t converting into more reservation, you can read our article on how to increase your conversion rate.

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