Down Vallarta 2017 - Extreme sports & good ambiance

The new Tourism board of Puerto Vallarta is betting on extreme sports to make the city even more attractive to foreigners. The city decided to trust Altius Event for the organization of a major street downhill race and slopestyle in order to seduce a younger public.

Big stars come to Puerto Vallarta

The event took place on April 29 & 30 2017, taking advantage of May 1st non-work day to maximize the audience. The 38 riders had all Saturday 29 to practice their tricks and scout the race. The crowd gave a warm welcome to the racers and the party kept on going all night long. Among some locals and nationals, we could notice the presence of some international stars of Downhill and Slopestyle such as Antoine Bizet (2nd place at Red Bull Rampage 2016) or Tomas Slavik (4X WORLD CHAMPION 2014, 4X Pro Tour 2016 world series champion). The only racer from Vallarta, Pimpon, had already conquered the crowd’s heart.

The race

Down Puerto Vallarta 2017 was divided into 2 categories:

The Speed & Style

mapa down vallarta 2017


The speed & Style awards the rider who would swallow the 880 meters of the race as fast as possible, from the Mirador de la Cruz until the iconic Malecón. The czech Tomas Slavik won the 1st place in 1:27.77 right before Remy Metailler – 1:27.81 and the brazilian Bernardo Cruz – 1:27.93.


Here is Tomas’ run which gave him victory:

The Best Trick

TheBest Trick awards the best combination of tricks on the 3 mega jumps located on Aldama street in Downtown Vallarta, on the final part of the race. Riders performed the most impressive tricks to seduce the 25 000 people who came to see the show. French rider Antoine Bizet won the 1st place with an incredible combination of frontflips and backflips . Second place was given to Reed Boggs andDj Brandt completed the podium.
Down Puerto Vallarta - Dj Brandt upside down - best trick


It goes without saying that downhill races are extremely dangerous and any mistake can turn into very grave consequences. Despite their heavy equipment and protection (helmet, back-protection…) and the constant watch of the staff, we sadly saw the terrible accident of the austrian rider Elic F Grossman who stroke his head into a wall while jumping stairs. He was immediately transfered to a private hospital and is waiting for his family to come. We wish him the best of recovery.

Down Vallarta 2018?

We hope that everyone who asisted and participated to the event liked it as much as we did (despite the terrible accident) and that Puerto Vallarta will keep on organizing different things in order to promote culture and sport within the community.
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