Hotel - How to increase your conversion rate

Your hotel’s website is recent, SEO friendly and ranks number one on Google; you wrote incredible content for your potential clients; hotel review sites are filled with positive comments about how awesome is your hotel and service and you have a successful relationship with your clients in social media. Briefly said, you are a very talented web marketer. But why isn’t this traffic bringing in more reservations? The answer to this question could be the hotel’s photos and video.

1st impression is given by your online pictures

Potential clients search and compare hotels online before making a reservation.

  • 95% of travelers read 5 to 7 reviews (
  • 76% of online booker is influenced by photos (
  • 78% of population watch video online every week (

More than the textual content itself, pictures create the first impression for a traveler. TripAdvisor recommends to have at least 20 high quality photos to maximize your conversion rate.

Professiona photography for hotel & resort - 1st impression - Villa group, Los Cabos, Baja California

Don’t forget to update your Photos on Other Travel websites

Uploading your brand new professional photographic material onto your hotel’s website isn’t the last step. You want to make sure it is present all over the internet:

  • Hotel comparators
  • Review websites
  • Social Medias


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Hotel photography & video can say so much about your hotel. Ideally you should have numerous professional photos of room types and public areas. It is the first impression and the first tour your potential client will have of the hotel.
Your online marketing initiatives you are doing create the traffic to your hotel; now display your hotel through stunning images and convert searches to more reservations. Keep in mind that nothing screams more Motel like an amateur photography of your hotel. We recommend you spend the extra money to hire a true professional and make sure the photos are done right. If you are thinking about hiring a professional, we invite you to consult this article that will guide you choose and work with a professional photographer.

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Online marketing strategy for hotel to increase conversion rate