Complete guide to choose and work with a Professional Photographer for hotels

Hotels & Resorts are probably the industry that requires the highest quality in Photography in order to increase their conversion rate. Indeed, not only an hotel needs traffic to generate bookings, they also need a impeccable service that can be shown on their website by two things: their reviews and their photography. Since reviews can’t be edited or written by the hotel itself for obvious integrity reasons, hotels need to invest in professional photography in order to surpass their competition. In this article we will give you a few tips to choose and work with a professional photographer.

Make a list of areas and services you wish to promote

Who knows better the hotel and its strengths better than you? Noone. That is why it is important you make a precise list of your photography needs prior to contacting a photographer. It will not only help you see what is missing or needing improvements on your website, but it will also help to determine which area of expertise should your photographer be specialized on. Following is a list of areas that hotels usually need.

Like we mentionned in the introduction, your potential clients will not only look at your installations before making a reservation, they will also want to make sure the quality of your services will satisfy their expectations. Considering staff pictures is important to be able to do that with your clients.

Architecture photographer, best indicated for rooms

The architecture photographer has a sense for perspective and a good feeling of spaces. His photography enhances the architect’s vision and the building utility and beauty.

Food Photographer, How they style your dish

If you have a great restaurant that you want to emphatize on your website, then a food photographer will be more apropriated. For the restaurant, itself, an architure photographer will be best suited for the job.

Lifestyle photographer, how to work with models

Finally if you want your pictures to have a more human feeling so your potential client can imagine their experience in your hotel, then a lifestyle photographer will be best suited to do the job. Lifestyle photographers are used to work for Fashion Magazines and cover weddings. That allow them to be more emphatic about people in general and document a scene like a photo-journalist with a touch of art.

If you want to have a bit of every specialty, you should go for a professional studio that can cover any kind of professional photography.

Scouting and pre-planning of the session

Ideally, a photographer should scout the hotel and resort before sending a quote. Scouting not only allows the photographer to properly visualize spaces, it is also very important to determine which time of the day offers the best light for a shot. Once the photographer has a good feeling on how he/she will do the job, a pre-planning will be sent to the client along with a quote.

Finding a good photographer – Examine their Portfolio

A Portfolio is a Photographer’s signature. We recommend to spend time on reviewing their work. If you have doubt on what makes a good photography, we invite you to consult this article that will give you some good insights on how to recognize a professional photography. You can also ask how many pictures can the photographer do in one day. If the answer is 40+, don’t expect a professional work to be delivered. A real professional photographer uses techniques that require time and limit the number of photography that can be produced in one day.
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