Hotel Boutique San Tropico, Puerto Vallarta - Photography

Hotel San Tropico is a Boutique hotel located near the marina in Puerto Vallarta offering a great experience to their guests. With a lush garden and a big swimming pool, Hotel San Tropico offers three kinds of very comfortable suites for an enjoyable stay. At their opening in 2017, they decided to make the right investment and launch their website with brand new photography.

Hotel Boutique San Tropico
Hotel Boutique San Tropico

Photos of their rooms

Hotel San Tropico offers three kinds of suites with great comfort in a quiet environment.

Other pictures of the hotel

The hotel opted for using a lot of vegetation in their outside area and succeeded to create a peaceful environment, ideal to relax and enjoy.

If you want more information about Hotel San Tropico, you can visit their website: Hotel Boutique San Tropico

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