Professional Photographer - Event coverage in Puerto Vallarta

Whether you are planning a big corporate event, organizing a trade-show or celebrating your loyal customer during a cocktail, it is always nice to have some professional pictures taken. Photography will then allow you to write nicely illustrated blog posts, publish awesome content on social media and promote your future events.

What kind of shots you will be receiving

Overall shots

During any kind of event, we like to take some overall pictures of the event in order for the viewer to have a good feeling of the location, crowd size and decorations.

Candids with your clients

Let’s face it, we all love to take some candids with people we love, so why not with clients or business partners? Besides, having some candids along the portraits helps us to have a good diversity of shots, allowing our clients to make more atractive, editorial-type articles.

Focus on the human

Just like having a good overall view of an event is important for a viewer, it is also crucial to be able to feel the “mood” of the event. We will find and focus on the people who will best illustrate it with their facial expressions.

Your food and decoration efforts

We know an event is expensive to organize, so as a business owner or event planner, we understand you want to immortalize this investment and will capture your installations, decoration and food or cocktails.

The ambiance and shows

If you grant your guests with a special show or entertain them with a band, our job as photo-journalists is to give a taste of that ambiance to the viewer. Following are a few examles of what we have been documenting during our carreer.

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