Real Estate photography - Complete guide to maximize your sales

Anyone involved in Puerto Vallarta’s real estate knows how competitive this city is and therefore, knows the importance to take a step from the competition. Whether you are an agent or a particular, when it comes to selling real estate, we basically want three things. That it sells. That it sells for the right price. And that it sells quickly!
That being said. How do we make it happen in a competitive market like Puerto Vallarta? How do we stand up from our competition?
Real estate photography in Puerto Vallarta - infography

Be out there

First of all, if you want to sell your property or your client’s property, you need people to know that it is for sale. To make that happen, you can use various ways to promote your real estate both online and offline. Recent studies state that more than 80% of Real Estate is bought through a multiple listing platform, followed by a sign directly on the property and, finally on an newspaper ad.

MLS services

As a particular, you do not have access to this service unless you signed a listing agreement with an agent. If you have not, we recommend that you do, as it will most likely quadruple your chances to sell your property and to get the right price for it. You can expect to pay a 6 to 8% commission for the Real Estate service but it will most of the time be worth it. Take the time to choose the agent you want to work with as it can be a rather long process. Choose an agency with reputation. Not only will it bring more potential clients to see your property, but they will also have higher standards for the law companies they work with (Lawyers, Escrow Company, Notary).

Written sign

As we mentioned before, a sign on the property will bring some people to see your property. It is rather cheap – around $500 pesos depending on the quality and size – and might be worth the small investment. One of the few could be your buyer.


Newspaper and magazines are mostly used by real estate agencies for brand positioning. Depending on what magazine they choose – and the price it costs to be in those magazines – we can guess the price-range of the properties they work on. As a particular you can choose to make a newspaper ad as it is rather cheap but don’t expect too much out of it.

Make it look good

It goes without saying that web-marketing has become the n°1 tool to work on for successful companies. Nowadays everything happens online and Real Estate isn’t an exception. It takes time and money to bring people see your stuff (SEO strategy, social media advertising…), so when they get here, we want them to be blown away and not seeking somewhere else something they can have with you. We have one shot to display all of our information in a beautiful and easy way to navigate. And to achieve that, we need to pay attention of a few details. If you haven’t yet, check out our 5 Tips tips to take the best picture article.

real estate photography in Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita


Having a good website is a no-brainer as it can be a deal-breaker at first sight. You don’t want your website to have any broken link or esthetical flaws as it can ruin in one instant the image positioning you have been working on for months. We recommend you use a professional – and a good one – to design your website as it will save you time and money. If you feel you have the knowledge and time to write it yourself, we recommend that you use a CMS like WordPress or Joomla to create it as it will save you from not knowing how to code. There are several videos from website developpers that guide you through the process, Tyler is one of them and provides free really neat themes.


Pictures are THE n°1 tool in Marketing. Except the one who saw the sign and entered the property directly, each and every one of your potential buyers will have seen your property’s pictures before seeing it in real life. So the first rule is to NOT show it all. Show the best and let them imagine the rest. It will generate curiosity. Second rule is to have a picture that will stand up from the competition. A photo so exceptional that it is impossible to miss. We recommend you hire a professional for your photos. It is also an investment as it will cost an extra of $500 and $2,000USD – depending on the side of your home – but it will multiply your chances to get more visits and therefore to sell more quickly. If you choose to hire a photograph, we recommend you choose a good one who has all the material to take the pictures and a solid experience. Always ask for a portfolio before choosing the photograph you work with because saving a few hundred bucks on the contract can result in having much poorer quality.
You don’t want to show it all, make them dream, make them want to visit. For a 2 room’s condo, 12 beautiful pictures are more than enough: clear and concise, appealing and esthetical.

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