Restaurant image - ultimate guide to improve it

Build your image through stunning imagery

I have always considered top chefs as real artists and admired their ability to create something truely amazing with the simplest ingredients. As a food-lover, seeing a dish with a perfect mix of textures, colors, tastes and temperatures is a really satisfying feeling that few can provide. In Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay, we are lucky enough to have an amazing selection of innovative and passionated chefs from all over the world.

What makes your cuisine so special?

Every chef has a signature. A dish, a secret ingredient, a method, something that makes him special and different from th others. Surely your photography should present it in a honest and beautiful way, to the people who don’t know your business yet. For example, Casianos restaurant in La Cruz is famously known for its spontaneous cuisine, so during the session, we followed him to visit his different providers and documented his product selection.

Lifestyle Photography – Show the quality of your service

Your staff and the way you treat your client is just as important as the quality of your dishes when it comes to user experience. So if your waiters are on top of their game, you have a in-house coktail specialist or your chef is a famous rock-star, your photos should definitely say it to your potential visitors.

Photography and its power to attract people

Every day our social networks are filled with food related photography and videos. Let’s admit it, there is no more satisfying and mesmerizing moment than watching some food getting cooked.
If you are able to produce some nice photographic or video content, it will be much more likely liked, shared or commented. And if your content succeeds to tempt your spectator’s palate, there is a good chance that he or she will eventually visit your business.

Architecture Photography, a good way to show your ambiance and view

People don’t just go to restaurant to eat. It’s a place to socialize, seduce, converse or even do business. Your restaurant photography should also give a taste of what your restaurant and service are all about. Whether you have a nice view, a piano bar, a band or a 5-star service, each and every little thing that you invest time and money should transpire through your pictures.

Tempt your guest’s thirst

Cocktails are trending and a good source of revenu for any bar or restaurant. Taking the time to work on a tempting list of cocktails with the help of a master can be a great investment and a great asset to increase your average bill. Deinitely something worth of adding to your menu with some great photography. Following is a list of shot we produced for La Capella’s restaurant featuring the Negroni, the Bellini and the Americano among three other treats, don’t they look tempting?

Add some poetry – Make a video

Because every chef is unique, an elegant way to present his/her devotion for cooking is through a promotionnal/documentary short film. We are in the era of Social Media and people care about the person behing the stove. They want to know the story behind every recipe and to feel the passion felt by its creator. If you are able to transmit that passion to your audience, you made a very good step to bring them to your restaurant. With professional video production, you also have a good chance that your content will be so good that it will get viral. If it does, tons of people will be able to see your content for the fraction of the price you would have to pay with advertising. Following is a short clip we produce for one of Mexico’s most promising chef, Joel Ornelas from Tintoque.

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