Video Production - Ultimate guide to reach success

Have you ever heard a picture is worth a thousand words? Now imagine how much a video is worth? With that being said, it is no longer a surprise why most successful companies invest millions in advertising, whether on television or online.

What makes video great marketing content

The attraction power of videos

Nowadays, ther is more than a billion persons using Youtube (almost a third of all connected people). It has become the second search engine after Google and the third most visited website after Google and Facebook. By making a video for your brand or business, not only you’ll be able to present your service or product in an elegant and efficient way but also you will bring more credibility to your brand in a customer’s eye. In the USA, it has been proven that having a video on website can increase its conversion rate up to 80%!

Different steps of the video making process

Determine your message

Whether it is for brand positioning, promoting a service or highlight a product qualities, a video always have to transmit a message. Before even starting to write the storyboard, it is essential to brainstorm with your team and come up with the message and the goal of your video. For example, if your goal is to promote your services, a good approach would be to talk about what makes your company unique and different from your competition.

Making of the film

Even though smartphones has turned the video making process much easier and accesible to a larger number of people, it is not going to be enough if you are looking for a professional result. Knowledge, creativity and obviously an expensive equipment are required in that case. Of course, if you you only need a couple videos, the smartest move would be to hire a professional. As a businessman, your job would be to choose which video compagny could best produce your videos while respectig your deadline and budget.

Video equipment to make a film

Budget – How much does it cost?

If the most expensive ad in the world cost more than 33 millions of dollars to Chanel, we all know not every compagny has this financial capacity to pay for a video. To get an idea about what are the cost leverages in film making, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you already know what you want or do you need the concept?
  • Do you need models for your video?
  • Does your project requires shooting in multiple locations?
  • Does your project requires the rental of any accessory (like a bota, a plane, a sport car, etc)?
  • Does your project requires some special equipment (360° video, sub-marine, aerial, …)?

Answering those questions will not only help you define your priorities but also it will help you find the right professional for your video project.

Some examples to inspire you

Promotional video clip for hotel industry

This video was made for Costa Club hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Being in a highly competitive market, this hotel needed to show the quality of their services and beauty of installations through a video. We decided to break with the traditional institutional video and went fora more romantic and poetic way to present it by using a family enjoying their vacation in the hotel.

Touristic destination video adverstising

Puerto Vallarta is competing against other big cities in Mexico like Cancun or Acapulco. The objective of the video was to show how Puerto Vallarta is different from those big resort cities. We chose to use only aerial video for this project as drone videos were starting to get popular and we wanted to use that trend. We were very surprised to notice that our video got viral. After a short week of being published, the video had reached over 250,000 people on Facebook without spending a dime on advertising. As of this day, it has been reproduced over than 88,000 times, been liked 986 times and shared 2,655 times.

Promotional video clip for gourmet restaurant

Joel Ornelas of Tintoque restaurant is probably one of Mexico’s most promising talent in gastronomy. We decided to focuse on his passion for cooking an his journey to become who he is today. The result is a one-minute inspiring video.

Promotional video clip for night-club

Atrio night club is the new trend in Puerto Vallarta elctronic music scene. When they asked us to produce a video for them, we decided to represent the dynamism and the audience of the place in order to create curiosity to those who still didn’t know it.

I have my video, now what?

Search engine optimization

As we mentionned in the intro, Youtube is the second most important search engine in the world. For your marketing efforts, publishing a video is a new way to generate traffic to your website. For that matter, it is crucial to use the right keywords in your title, description and tags.

The cost of publicity

Once you have your brand new video in your hands, your goal is that it is seen by your target audience. To be honest, unless your content has some viral capacities, you won’t be able to achieve it unless you spend a few extra dollars on advertising. Fortunately for us, competition between television, the internet and social medias has reduced the cost of doing it, making it accessible to a larger population. For example, making a Google adwords or a Facebook ad can be done from a single dollar. Obviously, the more you spend, more people you will reach but it is still a lot cheaper than television and it is measurable.
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