Villa del Palmar - Islas de Loreto, Baja California

Villa del Palmar Beach Resort is located on the so-called Loreto Islands on the eastern coast of the Baja California Peninsula. Situated between the only TPC golf course in Mexico and the beautiful Danzante Bay, Villa del Palmar Loreto resorts offers a unique experience in Mexico with all inclusive services. Villa del Palmar is one of Tafer Group brand for the hotel industry.

Villa del Palmar Loreto
Villa del Palmar Loreto

Golf course

One of the main attraction of Villa del Palmar is definitely their golf course. This 18 holes golf course offers a magnificent view over the Sierra de la Giganta and the pristine water of the bay. It has been designed by famous Rees Jones. Find more information about the golf course: here.

Natural beauty

What’s great about Loreto as a destination is also the natural beauty of its surrounding. The cristla blue of the water mixes perfectly with the desertic vegetation. At night, the absence of light pollution allows guests to watch an amazing sky and their multiple stars.

Photography with models

Villa del Palmar’s management wanted us to include models in the shoot to show all the activities available in the region. Following is a selection of our work with them.

Beautiful rooms

The rooms are beautifully decorated and offer extensive views over the bay.

If you want more information about Villa del Palmar Loreto, you can visit their website: Villa del Palmar Loreto

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